Monday, January 24, 2011

prom, dancing and just the little thing...

Hi all...
so yesterday was a busy day..
I woke up a 6:30 because my mom and I were driving about 2 hours away to go shopping for my prom dress. :) It was so much fun hanging out with her! I love my mom so much! anyway we found my prom dress and I love it so much!!

after we found my dress we went shopping for my dads birthday present, we got him the jeopardy wii game. He loves the TV show. Its also good for his brain, it keeps it moving and thinking.

I came home after shopping and I was sitting in my room and my radio turned on all by its self, which was weird cause it had never done that before but I just got up and started dancing and I probably danced for a good 30 min straight. haha, My friends and I, whenever we get together we always end up having a dance party in my room!

I had volleyball and my local gym and I love going there, everyone is so nice and welcoming and I just love it.

Then I had church. we talked about how If we have been going to church for a while, God sort of becomes white noise. (the noise the TV makes when you turn it to a channel that isn't programed yet and it kinda looks like a snowstorm) Like we have heard all of the stories of the bible that when we talk about it, we kind of zone it out because we already know when happens  and we have lost that sense of wonder that we use to have we were first learning about him.

later on last night me  my mom and my sister spend about an hour playing spoons and we were having so much fun. we were laughing and joking around and it was one of the but night I have ever had. at the end of that time we were all laughing so hard that we were crying!! I will never, ever forget last night. Those are the little things the make my life amazing!

well now I have to go do school.

Becca Lynn =]

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