Tuesday, January 4, 2011

another day in the life of...me!

Well today..not a great as yesterday. :/  I am very sore from practice yesterday and I slept wrong so my back is killing me! but other than those two things today was good. for school, I go to a private christian school that only has classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but I only go on Tuesdays. I only take one class cause this was my first year with this school and I wanted to see how I would like it so I toke "cognitive functions", yeah I know, a bunny class but I really like it and I hope my family can afford for me to go next year and maybe do a language class or a literature class. My friends do those and really like them.

For the past week my family and I have rented a red box movie every single day. we have watched "Knight and Day", "Easy A", "Salt" and "Flipped".
Knight and Day was really funny.
Easy A was good but I didn't think all the cursing was necessary.
Salt wasn't very good.
And Flipped was cute!
Tonight we watched Inception and man, does my brain hurt after watching it. that movie is so confusing!!!! But it got me thinking what my dreams were going to be tonight..weird. Ill let you know tomorrow.

Well that was my day. it wasn't INSANELY cool or anything but its just another day in the life of... me. ( I stole that from my friend. lol)

well good night (or good morning, it depends on when your reading this)
UMBL ( update my blog soon (I also stole that from my friend))
Becca Lynn =]

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