Sunday, January 9, 2011

January 10, 2011

So I have a few ideas for my blog cause If I have a boring day I dont know what to talk about(I have alot of boring days), let me know what you think...

Public Diary- Talk about what I did that day, current things going on, ect. 
Outfit of the day: Take a picture of my outfit and list every thing that I am wearing.
Photo Blog: Random photos of my friends and I that were recently taken.
To Do List: Lists of random things I want to achieve, do, experience, or even new videos I want to make.
Shopping List: A list of things I currently want to buy. (things for my room, clothes, random stuff like that)
Items of the week: A list of things, food, music, people or random stuff that im loving that week

Becca Lynn =]

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