Saturday, January 8, 2011

2 days in one cause im a slacker

Friday: so yesterday i had co-op. I love co-ops so much!! for those of you that don't know what a co-op it is were a bunch of homeschoolers get together and either do extracurricular classes like; photography, a book club, chess, first aid, creative writing, etc. or they do core classes like, science, language, math, history, etc. and they are so much fun! the one that i go to had classes on Fridays at a baptist church. last semester I did biblical world view, photography and SAT prep. This semester I am doing photography portfolio and creative writing. I think the best part of the day is study hall! my best friend heath, adin and anna are in it and I love them to death, if I'm having a bad day heath will defiantly make it better!! :)  but yeah, after co-op I went to Costco with my mother and I was looking at the SLR cameras and OMG i fell in LOVE with this camera and I really wanna get it but it is so expensive! *sigh* but anyway that was my day!

Saturday:  I slept in this morning till about 11:30, okay if you have to know anything about me its that I love to sleep! If I could I would just sleep all the time. but anyway I woke up and took a shower, and just lounged till I had to get ready for church. at church I ran into my friend anne and we just stood there and talked for like 20 min and it was nice. (I was volunteering in the children's area and they didn't need me till the kids split up into groups) I love when you just have nice long conversations with your friends. ( love that too, maybe I should do a what I love list.) so anyway, im always with the 2nd and 3rd graders and man, are they crazy! they either just wanna be like so close to you the whole time that you get claustrophobic or they just shun you away and they dont wanna talk to you. After we got back home we watched the movie "change of plans" and that has to be the cutest movie EVER!!!!!! If you have not seen it, you have to!

but yeah those were my two days, I have stuff to do tomorrow so maybe it will be a better blog tomorrow night!

Becca Lynn =]

I have been loving listening to these two guys on youtude and I really think you should check them out.

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